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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for ARAORO INVESTMENT S.DE R.L. DE C.V.

Effective Date: January 20, 2017

1. Identity and Address of the Responsible Party

ARAORO INVESTMENT S.DE R.L. DE C.V. (referred to as “The Company”) is a commercial entity established in compliance with Mexican law, operating in the tourism real estate industry and other related activities. The Company’s address is ” Carretera Transpeninsular Kilometer in Cabo, Baja California Sur,.” The responsible party for personal data is Jorge Isaac Sanchez OroPaza, and you can contact the Company at phone number 01 624 264 3837.

2. Information We Collect

The Company collects information provided by its clients, suppliers, service providers, commercial partners, employees, or any third party that accesses the products and services provided by the Company. This information is provided voluntarily and freely, primarily in contracts, letters, forms, databases, or other means, as necessary to maintain appropriate records and meet legal requirements.

The personal data collected includes, but is not limited to:

For Individuals:
– Full Name (Paternal Surname, Mother Surname, and Name(s))
– Address (Block, exterior number, interior number, Colony, ZIP code, Delegation or Municipality, City or Population, and Federative Entity)
– Nationality
– Date of birth and place of birth
– Marital status
– Profession or current occupation
– Business activity
– Telephone number(s)
– Email address
– Unique Key of the Record of Population (CURP)
– Contributor’s Federal Record (RFC)
– Personal reference information
– Educational information
– Union membership information
– Health and medical information
– Training information
– Safety and environmental testing information
– Income information
– Gender
– Bank account information and salary
– Tax ID numbers

For Entities:
– Name or Trade name
– Mercantile activity or corporate purpose
– Contributor’s Federal record (RFC)
– Address (Street, exterior number, interior number, Colony, ZIP code, Delegation or Municipality, City or Population, and Federative Entity)
– Date of Incorporation
– Nationality
– Telephone number
– Email or website address
– Name and nationality of the person with the authority to act on behalf of the entity

This personal data is collected in compliance with applicable law and contract clauses entered into with parties who provide this data voluntarily.

3. Confidentiality and Handling of Personal Data

Confidentiality: The Company handles and stores personal data, including sensitive data, in a confidential manner. It employs technological means and internal protection procedures to maintain data security and prevent unauthorized access.

Handling: Personal data is used to meet legal requirements, maintain records of personnel and suppliers, coordinate services, and address emergencies. Non-sensitive personal information may also be used for purposes like publicity, promotion, telemarketing, website administration, and improving products and services.

Sensitive personal data is used only for managing business and employer-employee relationships, and to enhance customer service.

The Company may transfer personal data, including sensitive data, to related entities for administrative purposes. Such transfers will be conducted with legal instruments and adequate security measures.

The Company does not collect personal information using cookies or similar technologies.

4. Limitations of Use and Disclosing of Data

Personal data is handled appropriately and confidentially. It is used for the purposes described in the “Handling” section of this Privacy Policy and for statistical analysis and product and service improvement. Personal data may be disclosed to third parties to comply with legal obligations, judicial rulings, or for operational reasons. The Company takes necessary measures to de-identify personal data when it is no longer needed or legally required.

5. Means to Exercise Rights of the Owner of Personal Data

Owners of personal data can request access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition (ARCO Data) by submitting a written request to the Responsible Party. The request must include the owner’s name, address, identification documents, and a clear description of the data involved. The Company may verify the accuracy of the data and the owner can rectify inaccurate information.

6. Revocation

Owners of personal data may revoke consent for data handling at any time by sending a request to the Responsible Party. Such requests should meet the requirements outlined in the “Means to Exercise Rights of the Owner of Personal Data” section.

7. Modifications to the Privacy Notice

The Company reserves the right to modify this privacy notice and will communicate any changes through notices at its facilities, written notices, or other appropriate means.

8. Consultations

For inquiries, comments, or consultations regarding this Notice, you may contact the Company at or at the address ” Carretera Transpeninsular Kilometer Cabo, Baja California Sur,” or by phone at 01 624 264 3837, addressed to: Jorge Isaac Sanchez OroPaza.

a) Complaints or information regarding personal data processing or questions regarding applicable laws may be directed to IFAI (Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection). For more information, visit

b) Governing Law: This Privacy Notice is governed by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, the Federal Civil Code, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Consent: The Owner of Personal Data acknowledges that they have read and understand the content of this Privacy Notice and have no opposition to it.

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